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Welcome in our shop  Sourire

In ToiMoiNous3's shop, you'll find only products of quality, products that Patrick and me selected ourselves. We met some of the producers, saw them in their work. In ToiMoiNous3, no falsifications. We get the products from the producers or their official resellers if the producers don't distribute their products themselves. So, you are always sure to buy in our shop products of quality, products that are as described. For a better view and a description of the products, click on their name.

To order, follow the instructions described in the "How to order" tab. You have the choice between Mondial Relay and the post office. We offer a free delivery made by us in Nivelles, Belgium. The delays of delivery vary from a week to 30 working days depending of the product. It may be longer if you order a great quantity of the Thai Tribes products.

We apologize for the archaic way to work. We hope to have a better site soon, with an automatic calculation of the fees, scrolling lists, automatic management of the clients, other possibilities to pay etc Not before june 2018. For that, we need to change of web host. It's for june 2018. Meanwhile, please, be patient.

In a plus, we have an affiliation program. We offer 20% of our benefice to our affiliates for the products they sell. Just see the "affiliate program" tab to see how it works. The management of this service is archaic but we pay each monday.

Well, don't forget it's a shop online. So, you can open all the doors. ToiMoinous3 is an all of us, not just a shop. It's our label for our future albums and concerts, for our films, for our texts, and for every project that we manage or create. We hope that other singers or groups will publish their albums under our label. So enjoy your whole visit.

Patrick and Martine



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